The Genesis Institute

Instituto Gênesis is a start-up and enterprise incubator housed at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. The Institute´s objective is to transfer knowledge from the university to society through entrepreneurial initiatives that value social inclusion, improvement in the local quality of life, and the preservation of culture.

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Instituto Gênesis Indicators

Jobs Generated
20% per year
Medium Growth of Enterprises
680 million reais
Total Revenue
Students Impacted by the Entrepreneurial Culture
Local Development Projects Executed

What we do?

Entrepreneurial Culture

Our objective is to foster an envirionment that promotes an entrepreneurial culture. We host a diverse array of workshops, courses, lectures, and events that focus on the various aspects of entrepenurial formation.

Business Support

We support the creation, development, and management of entrepreneurial ventures and enterprises. We offer consulting services, market research, and networking opportunities.

Local Development

Instituto Gênesis values local development, improvement in the local quality of life, and social inclusion.

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What We Do

Enterprises sponsored by Instituto Gênesis have generated a revenue of over 2,5 billion reais. Discover our incubated, germinated, and graduated enterprises.

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The Annual Activities Report , published every year since the Institute´s inception has as its primary objective to be transperent and clearly present all achieved results.

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